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2018 Manheim Tennis Club Meeting      

     The 115th organizational meeting of the Manheim Tennis Club was called to order by our club president, Jerry Stehman, at 1:00 pm on Sunday, March 5, 2018, in the Fellowship Hall of the Trinity E.C. Church of Manheim. The following members were present: Don Royer, Denny Keller, Jerry Stehman, Terry Crider, John Blanck, Rich Brown, Randy Zangari, Bill Loercher, Les Foltz, El Faller, Dick Fleming, Charlie Sammons, Steve Berkley, Randy Grove and Ken Eshleman. The minutes from last year's meeting were distributed before the meeting today. There were no corrections recommended by members present. Bill Loercher made a motion to accept the minutes; seconded by Randy Grove.

     The treasurer's report was also distributed before the meeting and emailed to all members a week ago. Bill Loercher made a motion to accept the report; seconded by Ken Eshleman.

     The club champions for 2017 were recognized in our Historian's Report which was also distributed to all members before the meeting.

     Les Foltz stepped down from the Vice President and Soda Machine Maintenance positions. 
In the 15 years that Les was in charge of the soda machine he made over $18,500 for the club.

     Randy Grove nominated Steve Berkley for Vice-President, seconded by Bill Loercher, approved by members.

     Jerry Stehman nominated Bill Loercher as Soda Machine Maintenance, seconded by Denny Keller, approved by members.

     Don Royer, chairman of the nominating committee, made a motion to retain Jerry Stehman as president, and Denny Keller as the secretary, treasurer, grounds-manager, and grounds keeper. Seconded by Randy Grove and approved by members.

Under new business a number of changes will be taking place.

1. Motion was made by Bill Loercher to eliminate the $50 Out-of-State membership, seconded by Les Foltz, approved by members.

2. Motion was made by Bill Loercher to eliminate future Life Memberships. With the age of our club we would lose too much income over the next 10 years. Seconded by Randy Grove. 

3. Dues will remain the same for all regular members: $250. New members may join and pay only $200 the first year. Husband and wife memberships are $375, monthly $75, junior memberships remain at $30. All the officers will also pay for their membership. Motion made by Jerry Stehman and seconded by Denny Keller.

4. The ground-keeper's salary was set at $4,250. Soda Machine Maintenance at $550. Motion made by Randy Grove and seconded by Terry Crider.

5. Don Royer made a request to use one court on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:00 am for his senior players. Motion made by Bill Loercher to approve request, seconded by Rich Brown.

6. The roof on the club house is in poor condition and has 2 small leaks, we discussed the cost of replacing it or repairing the bad spots that will last 2+ years. Estimates on both will be done on March 13th

7. This year we're currently having 3 USTA teams. Motion was made by Steve Berkley to allow using non-members to fill the team if not enough of members want to play. It was agreed to allow this, BUT try to use members for matches first and non-members on the team still fall under the guest rule of playing 5 times at Manheim. Seconded by Denny Keller

8. Thursday evening tennis. Same as 7., non-members may play, BUT only to fill a court so members can play. After 5 times Thursday night guest can still play (only to fill a court) and pay a $5 guest fee.

Jerry Stehman made the following appointments:

1. Banquet Committee - Pam Kaylor and Denny Keller

2. Wednesday Doubles League - Denny Keller & Steve Berkley
(those interested in playing should contact Denny Keller or Steve Berkley before May 4th) 

3. Thursday evening Doubles League - Madhavi Reddy

4. Central Penn Doubles League - Steve Berkley

5. Club Singles & Doubles Tournament - Denny Keller

6. Club Golf Tournament - Bill Loercher

7. Club Table Tennis Tournament - ?

8. Club Poker Tournament - Richie Brown. 

Some important dates to remember:

1. April 7 - Club clean-up day. 9:00 am. (Rain make-up day: April 15)

2. April 16 week - Matt Jacobs here to resurface and line our courts.

3. September - Walker Cup Matches

Randy Grove made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Les Foltz. Meeting was adjourned by our club president, Jerry Stehman